Million working days lost due to work-related ill health in 2017/18 (LFS)


of adults are overweight or obese (Health Survey for England 2017)

Billion pounds, estimated wider cost to society and business of obesity (Public Health England 2016)

If you look after your staff, they will be more able to look after your organisation.

Healthy eating and drinking along with keeping active can help you and your employees have greater energy, better concentration, aid sleep and have less days off sick. Throw some beauty therapy & pampering  into the mix and your employees will feel confident and fabulous about themselves.

Hair & Beauty 4U are here to help support your workforce with information and services for their general well-being, physical health and mental health; both on-site and remotely.

What we  can offer

You can choose from a wide range of engaging workplace services.

We can tailor our services and will gladly integrate to fit in with your organisations well-being programme.





interactive seminars

Full day Events

Taster Tables

Popular Topic AREAS

Reducing Aches and Pains

Learn about the foods that can help reduce aches and pains in your muscles, bone and joints.

Gut Reactions

Your digestive system takes the central role for absorbing nutrients! So find out about your gut, gut health and key ways diet affects it.

Hearty Eating

Learn about cardiovascular disease, and how to lessen your risks through diet and lifestyle changes.

A Healthy Mind

We look at mental wellness and how our food choices and nutrition can affect our sleep, stress levels, mood and gut.

All Day Energy

Learn about how balancing your blood sugar along with a few small changes can positively impact your concentration and energy level.

A Sleep Learning Curve

Learn ways to promote restful sleep through nutrition and changes to your lifestyle and improving sleep hygiene.

Busy People Nutrition

Your time saving guidance to healthy living for people with no time to spare.

Top Tips for Beauty

Simple set of steps that you can embrace in your daily life to help improve your confidence and well-being.


Looking at the ways different products and techniques can change our outlook on our appearance.

Men's Health

Find out about men’s health and nutrition, from prostate and mental health alongside nutrition to support men’s health

Women's Health

Find out about women’s health and nutrition, from reducing pain and mental health alongside nutrition to support women’s health.

Eating Fit

An understanding of sports nutrition including foods good for energy will help you with keeping fit.

Stress Management

We will guide you to the changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle to lessen the impact of stress on your health.

Weight and Energy Management

We go through how the right foods can help you lose weight without you feeling like you haven’t eaten.


Depending on your specific requirements which could include locations, timings, number of participants and tailoring of sessions, we provide the following indicative pricing.

  • A single hourly session, such as a lunchtime is £450.
  • Booking multiple sessions, which could be over different days or together for a wellness day, are £400 per hour.
  • Tasting tables are £25 a head with a minimum of 20 people.
  • Individual health checks depend on the specific tests or if it includes 1-2-1 health chats, these start at £50 per person with a minimum of 10 people.


Contact us for further details, to arrange a booking or a ‘taster’ session, we would be happy to help!

We're here to Help!


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