• Use ice water to dry your freshly painted nails quicker

Fill a bowl with ice and water, once you’ve painted your nails give them a few minutes to soak in the cold water. The icy cold water acts as a setting agent and will help your nail polish set faster.


  • Instant winged eyeliner – using a spoon!

We have all been there trying to master the art form that is winged eyeliner, but here’s a simple tip to eliminate the difficulty. Hold the handle of the spoon with the curved section following the natural curve of your eye. The rounded edge should line up with the outer crease of your eye, simply follow this line with your chosen liner and fill it in. Perfect eyeliner in minutes!


  • Fuller lips in seconds – using a light concealer

You can easily create the illusion of fuller lips using a paler concealer shade on the central portion of your lips. Apply the concealer on the midsection of your lips and use your finger to lightly blend the colour outword. Like contouring, this gives the illusion of naturally fuller lips.


  • Revitalise your dry hair by making an egg yolk mask!

B complex and vitamins found in egg yolks boost the oxygen supply to the hair and are known to improve circulation. Mix half a cup of organic honey with two egg yolks and whisk intensely until the mixture is full churned. Apply the mask on damp hair and massage the solution into your scalp for 5-10 minutes. Let this sit for 60 minutes, then rinse and use a mild shampoo to finish. 


  • Banish those Blackheads – with lemon and egg whites?!

After you’ve cleansed your face with your usual exfoliators, rub a wedge of lemon gently over the areas you want to remove blackheads.

Apply a very thin layer of egg whites to the areas you want to remove the blackheads and then cover with tissue, repeat the process a few times and wait a further 20 minutes. Gently peel the tissue paper back and BAM! No more blackheads!

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